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5 05 2009

Keep On Keeping On! by Joyce Meyer

Various thoughts run through our minds every day—some good, some bad. Our natural temptation is to focus on the bad, so accepting them doesn’t take any effort. The effort comes in being determined to cast down the negative thoughts and take a firm grasp of the positive ones. Positive minds full of faith and hope produce positive lives. The opposite is also true—negative minds full of fear and doubt produce negative lives, which can ultimately destroy your life. Some people have been hurt so many times that they don’t think they can face the pain of another letdown. Therefore, they refuse to hope so they won’t be disappointed. Battles are fought in our minds every day. When we begin to feel the battle is just too difficult and want to give up, we must choose to resist negative thoughts and be determined to rise above our problems. We must decide that we’re not going to quit. When we’re bombarded with doubts and fears, we must take a stand and say: “I’ll never give up! God’s on my side. He loves me, and He’s helping me! I’m going to make it!” No matter how bad the battle rages in your mind, don’t give up! Step out and regain the territory that’s been stolen from you. Even if it’s only an inch at a time, make sure you’re leaning on God’s grace and not on your own ability. In Galatians 6:9 the apostle Paul simply encourages us to keep on keeping on! Don’t be a quitter! Don’t have that old “give up” spirit. God’s looking for people who will find the courage to rise above all the negative and pursue the positive. Whatever you may be facing or experiencing in your life right now, I want to encourage you to stay positive and refuse to give up! God is with you, and He’ll help you make spiritual progress—strengthening and encouraging you to keep on keeping on during rough times. It’s easy to quit, but it takes faith to press on to victory. When the battle seems endless and you think you’ll never make it, remember that you’re reprogramming a “worldly” mind to think as God thinks. In the same way that computers are programmed, our minds are programmed. From the time we’re born, our minds are like computers that have had a lifetime of garbage programmed into them. But God, who’s the best “computer programmer” around, is working on us every day to reprogram our minds as we cooperate with Him (see Romans 12:2). This process of reprogramming or renewing our minds will take place little by little, so don’t be discouraged if progress seems slow. Don’t get down when you have setbacks or bad days. Just get back up, dust yourself off and start again. When a baby is learning to walk, he falls many, many times before he develops the ability to walk without falling; however, the baby is persistent. He may cry for a while after he falls down, but he always gets right back up and tries again. Learning to change our thinking works the same way. There will be days when we don’t do everything right—days when our thinking is negative. But never stop trying. God is gradually bringing us around to His way of thinking. Just don’t give up!

(Special Thanks to Eeyore for giving me this article ^^)


18 04 2009

This morning, i read a good daily devotion of Joel Osteen, and i wanna share it to all of you. It really refreshed my mind this morning actually.. Hopefully it’ll also refresh ours, so that we could think clearly, take a right decision, and keep move forward through Christ ! Don’t get stuck in our past and disappoinment .. God has provided better future for us. God bless you..



“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in Your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed” – (Psalm 139:16, NLT)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Did you know that God has already recorded every part of your life from the beginning to the end? He knows every disappointment, every loss, every challenge; and the good news is that your story ends in victory! God has written out a plan to bless and prosper you. Your final chapter concludes with youfulfilling your God-given destiny. Here’s the key: when you go through a disappointment, when you go through a loss, don’t stop on that page in your life. You’ve got to decide to keep moving forward. There’s another chapter in front of you, but you’ve got to be willing to take the next step.

Sometimes, we get so focused on what didn’t work out that we stay stuck, reliving the disappointment. If that’s you, recognize that you’ve been on that page long enough. It’s time to let it go and turn the page to the new chapter God has in store. You may not understand, it may not have been fair, but remember, the next chapter is full of blessing, full of favor, and full of victory! Make the decision to let go of the old so you can move forward into the abundant life God has in store for you!


Heavenly Father, thank You for the good plan You have for me. Today, I lay aside the disappointments of the past knowing that You have blessing in store for my future. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

World of Sarah Ann (my first lovely niece)

18 04 2009

Hello, world !! I was born on March, 12th 2009 at 4.16 pm with 49 cm height and 2,75 kg weight. My mom gave me a name “Sarah Ann”, I really like the way it sounds ^o^ you can call me “Little Ann” if you want. Well, allow me to introduce my parents, my Dad’s name is Rakhmad Thomas, and my Mom’s name is Helen Felicia. I’m really thank God for giving me lovely parents like them who always love and protect me.. I wish could grow up being a wonderful daughter for them soon, also being a blessing for others 😉 Nice to meet ya! Here are some of my pics.. Enjoy them !

Life’s Purpose

28 02 2009

Sometimes, i ve been thinking of my life’s purpose.. what am i going to do? what is my goal in life? but one thing that God wants me to do is loving & treating others like u want to be loved & treated. i ve learned a lot… when i choose to do something for others, God gave me an undescribeable joy & peace deep inside my heart.. u can’t try it if u want.. hehehe.. i want to be a blessing to others. Come on Guys, Let’s be a blessing.. yeah !!!

Those pics were taken when we took orphanage kids to the zoo. Each of us accompanied 1 orphanage kid, got to know each other. i got a cute friend, her name is Anti, she was about 5 years old. she was sitting right besides me in the bus. We saw animals, circus, played some games. It took full one day trip. Gladly, I saw a lot of happy smiles on their face 🙂 This will be one of my unforgettable moment in my life ^o^

Friends & Relatives

28 02 2009

Bali Paradise 2007

28 02 2009

Swinging at Driving Range

21 02 2009

I always feel curious and excited about playing golf. This morning, I woke up @6.30 am, then picked uncle Hugh up (He is a missionary from Hawaii and usually plays golf ). Today he gave me and my sis some golf’s lesson at Graha Family. We played driving range for begginer. Basically, we had to learn how to swing the stick. “When you are trying to hit the ball, you won’t get the best shot. Just swing your stick naturally (no need much power), and you will get the best”, uncle Hugh said. I’ve learned grabbing the stick properly, twisting my body (this was the harderst part, I’ve to practice a lot for this). I also had to keep my left arm straight and bend my knees a bit while swinging. Meanwhile, I had to keep my eye stay focused to the ball. Fiuhhh…. It was very tiring and very difficult to get “the natural swing”, but once you get “the swing”, you are ready for the next step. Overall, golf is quite exciting for me… I ll try playing again next time ^.^

Rite now, I’m planning to take tennis course for my routine 😉  Wish me luck..